How to restart PasswordsApp local storage (Mac)
1) Close PasswordsApp.
2) Open native OSX Keychain app and delete all PasswordsApp items.
3) Delete the PasswordsApp config file (/Users/your-user-name/Library/Containers/net.egdbe.passwordsapp.mac/Data/Library/Preferences/net.egdbe.passwordsapp.mac.plist).
4) (recommended) Type in Terminal app: killall -SIGTERM cfprefsd
5) (recommended) Open PasswordsApp without Internet connection to force switch to local storage.
How to restart PasswordsApp local storage (iOS)
Copy the file https://passwords-app.com/RESET.txt?action=download into: iTunes > your device > Applications > PasswordApp > File Sharing. Finally close and reopen the application.
How to restart PasswordsApp iCloud storage
In iOS / OSX configuration select iCloud. Then looks for PasswordsApp in the applications list and delete its storage.
Unlimited passwords
The Unlimited passwords modules are in-app purchases that enable you to save an unlimited number of accounts. There are two modules that are sold separately: the module for Mac (implemented in PasswordsApp version for Mac) and the module for iOS (implemented in PasswordsApp versions for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad).
How to make and restore backups?
Backups are made in the configuration section of the application. When a new backup is created the application will guide you to access it. The backup is comprised of all accounts and their photos. The password that protects the generated file is the same as the PasswordsApp master key at the moment the backup is made.
What data is encrypted?
All data is encrypted: photos, notes, fields, icons...
Tips to improve security
- Disable email reminder for the PasswordsApp master password (in app settings select change the recovery email, leave the field empty and click OK).
- Refresh new passwords (both the primary key as well the different accounts) regularly.
- If you have very critical accounts it may be desirable to save them only in local mode.